Developed By Silk And Sleep Experts, For Everybody.

Remember the last time you woke up from a long 2-hour nap feeling like every muscle of your body is rested, your hair was somehow on point, and you felt glowing every time you passed by a mirror?

That’s what we want you to feel every single morning… and this is why we created Silk By Atieno. After taking a look at silk bedding products on today’s market, we saw a gap in high-quality: 100% Mulberry silk products that looked and felt like quality.

From day one, we decided to step in and make world-class Mulberry silk products accessible and readily available to anyone.

With Silk By Atieno, you can get quality sleep every single night, and not have to sacrifice your mornings because you’re feeling drained straight out of bed.

Our mission is to provide a premium experience through our products, our custom-made packaging, and our customer service that prioritizes and values you and your needs. Here, you matter, and your sleep can go back to being rejuvenating and recharging.

Every product we create is made 100% of Mulberry silk starting at 22 Momme, which is the Japanese measure for the density of silk, unlike most silk products that start at only 19 Momme. We do this to maintain premium quality all across the board, giving you silk products that last a lifetime.

No more dry skin, fuzzy hair, or sweating all night long, only a blissful, pleasant sleeping experience that keeps getting better over time, doesn’t deteriorate with every wash, and keeps giving you a safe haven every time you hit the bed.